Legal services to manage the contingencies and risks derived from the COVID-19 situation, from different aspects of law:

Transitional Insolvency Regime COVID-19

Advice and representation for companies financially affected by the causes that motivated the State of Health Emergency. Protection of personal and business assets.
Portafolio of Services

  •  Strategic advice on business with companies in crisis generated by Covid-19.
  • Legal support in the process of Emergency Negotiation.
  • Representation of companies that wish to carry out Business Recovery Processes before the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Advice and representation of creditors in Insolvency Proceedings.
  • Advice and support in the conclusion of agreements or dispute resolution mechanisms to resolve your situation with creditors or debtors.

Legal Administration of Contracts

Prevention and negotiation of contractual terms that allow overcoming the difficulties of breach of obligations or demanding compliance.
Portafolio of Services

  • Legal analysis of the effects of the health emergency and preventive isolation as a cause to terminate, suspend or renegotiate contracts and support in the implementation of the established strategy.
  • Management and legal management of contracts with emphasis on issues such as force majeure and theory of unpredictability.
  • Legal advice and representation in the event of potential breaches of contract.

Biosecurity Protocols Compliance

  • Advice on the implementation of the company’s Biosecurity Protocol, considering the economic sector it belongs to.
  • Registration of the company’s Biosecurity Protocol before any competent authority.

Accompaniment in tax payment facilities

Advice and support in the preparation of requests for payment facilities and terminations of administrative and judicial processes in tax matters.